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We keep our most popular sizes in stock, but you're not limited to these options.

Custom Barns and Construction can discuss, design and deliver any size you need!

No-Wait Building Sizes

Available to Reserve Now
(Width x Length x Height)
  • 24x24x10
  • 30x30x12
  • 30x30x14
  • 30x40x14
  • 30x40x16
  • 30x50x16
  • 40x60x16
  • 50x100x16

2022 Inventory

  • 30x30x14 -SOLD- Private Shop, Amarillo
  • 30x30x14 -SOLD- Private Shop, WIldflower Village
  • 30x30x14 -SOLD- Private Investment, Business Park
  • 30x30x14 -SOLD- Private Investment, Business Park
  • 30x40x14 -SOLD- Private Shop, Southern Hill Prairie
  • 30x40x14 -SOLD- Private Shop, Wedgewood
  • 30x40x14 -SOLD- Private Investment, Business Park
  • 30x40x14 -SOLD- Private Investment, Business Park
  • 30x50x16 -SOLD- Private Shop, Sendora Valley
  • 30x50x16 -SOLD- Private Shop, Wedgewood
  • 30x50x14 -SOLD- Private Investment, Business Park
  • 30x50x16 -SOLD- Private Shop, Sendora Valley
  • 40x60x16 -SOLD- Equipment Facility, Happy TX
  • 40x60x16 -Sold- Mechanic Shop
  • 40x60x16 -SOLD- Private Investment property, will include 20x30 office
  • 40x60x16 -SOLD- Ranch House Barndo
  • 50x100x16 -SOLD- Coyote Prairie Shop/Horse Facility

6 - 12 Week Orders

Custom Sizes Available - Lead time will vary
Common Sizes for Pre-engineered Buildings (Width x Length)
  • 20x20 / 20 x 25 / 20x40 / 20x50 / 20x60
  • 30x40 / 30x50 / 30x60 / 30x75/
  • 40x40 / 40x50 / 40x60 / 40x75
  • 50x50 / 50x60 / 50x75 / 50x100 / 50x120/ 50x125
  • 60x60 / 60x75 / 60x80 / 60x100 / 60x120 / 60x125 / 60x140 / 60x150
  • Call for Larger Options
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Our Building Process...

From backyards to sprawling ranches, we've completed projects all over the Texas Panhandle. If you've got a spot, we've got the ability to build on it. Don't have a spot? Head over to our partner site, to find available homes and land where we can build your place!
Dirt Work
A quality foundation starts with the expertise from the ground up. We offer a full suite of GPS-driven earthwork solutions, from scraping the surface to complex excavation or roadway construction.
The slab is just the beginning. Consider sidewalks, porches, patios and driveways when planning your dream build. We take care of it all.
We offer pre-engineered "bolt-up" style metal buildings as well as custom "weld-up" barns and shops. Lumber-framed additions or enclosures are often used to give the build a custom feel, and those are no problem for us either.
Sheet Metal & Trim
External wall and trim color give your building the look you want, but only when it's done right. Our expertise and experience means we don't just make it, we make it right.
From simple hydrants to kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms or even animal washing stations, we integrate your plan into our build from the beginning.
Full service electrical service plus LED lighting means your project will be easier to enjoy, and no dark corners or dead spots.
Spray-Foam Insulation
We offer the top method in the industry, spray-foam insulation, which means efficiency, comfort and durability.

make it your own with these options...

Living Quarters

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